How to Illustrate a Children’s Book: Intro

Temples-Dot-the-Earth-Cover-with-BLEEDMy first illustrated book Temples Dot the Earth is FINALLY HERE! I AM SO EXCITED!

It’s available to purchase here.

I thought it could be cool to share how I illustrated this book and how the press process works. I learned a lot (as I do every single day at Cedar Fort) and I feel soooo lucky to work where I do.

This was a fast project. Like insanely fast. This is because the original illustrator contracted for this book ran into some problems, and kinda just told us that he wasn’t ever into doing it. Unfortunately he told us this the week after the final cover was due for sales sheets.

I’m a graphic designer at Cedar Fort, a publishing house in Springville, UT. I’m also often in charge of finding illustrators for projects. I LOVE this part of my job. I like the contract negotiations. I like taking their stuff to meetings and helping the sales team and head of our company see the illustrator’s vision, and then going right back to the illustrator and helping them see the vision of the company.

Sometimes translation between non artist people to art speak is hard. Especially when “No, I don’t like this spread. Redesign.” actually means, “Please change the colors of the trees and sky and make the children a tad bigger and suddenly I LOVE this spread.” Happens ALLLL the time!

So anyways. As the only illustrator member of the design team I was perfectly placed to pick up the slack and take this project.

The next post will tell you how I begin my illustrations and a bit more into the (never ending) approval process.



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