Starting a Book


I got the text for this book, about 70 words because its a board book, and I started thumbnailing. It’s much¬†less intimidating to draw your ideas in tiny form. Who cares if it looks perfect!? Its just a baby drawing.

I alsIMG_3153o find myself writing little word cues so that later on I remember what I was thinking. I refer to these thumbnails through all the drawing process. It’s a cheat sheet.

The book used to be way bigger and was supposed to have maps in it. Then there would be these little temple stickers you put in. But in a meeting it was decided that this would cost too much. I still think it would have been pretty cool.

Sketches for Approval

Then I do the sketches of each page to get approved. For this one, I did them a few at a time. But for a bigger book it’s better to storyboard the whole thing out so you can see the storyline.IMG_3155

The approval process is a crazy beast. I try to figure out what they like, so the first few approvals are always rough. I also (try to) never take things personally. I drew it, but it doesn’t mean I’m stupid if it gets rejected.


But on the other hand it DOES mean I’m a spectacular artist if they love it.





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